I genuinely believe it is my purpose on this earth to help other women feel beautiful, valued and heard. I solely focus on a women only clientele for this reason. I'm so grateful that inspiring, powerful, and kind women sit in my chair every day. I’m also a problem solving geek at heart (I majored in accounting before attending hair school) and I love to solve “hair puzzles.”

about amanda

I call myself education obsessed and I am always trying to find the newest and best color and extension methods. Those are the two areas I am truly passionate about and specialize only in those services. I love to create a plan for next appointment, the one after and your home care to truly get you to the hair for your dreams.

When I’m not in the salon, I’m with my two tiny humans, Kingsley and Mason. They are the greatest joys of my life and the reason I drink so much coffee. I’m raising those babies with my chef husband, Justin. Being married to a chef means all my jeans are strechy and I always have a recommendation for date night dinner. To keep balanced, I’m what I call an aspiring yogi. I can touch my toes no problem but my balance is questionable. I really just enjoy the quiet time and I even have a tattoo on my wrist reminding me to “be still.”

When you visit me in the salon, I can promise you will heard and cared about. I want what you want and also whats best for your hair. I like to collaborate ideas and make sure your goals can be met within a few appointments. I want you to feel great, not just look good. I love the details of appointment time…making sure your root smudge is perfect, your coffee is the way you like it, your scalp massage lasts long enough.

I would love to sit and talk about what you envision for your best hair life. To make an appointment for a consultation, click the button below. 

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